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  • Industrial Ethernet
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  • 8-Port 10/100BaseTX IP-67 + 2-Port 100FX Multi-Mode Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch with Extended Operating Temperature

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Industrial Ethernet, Media Converters, PoE, Serial Converters and Industrial Wireless Devices

Antaira Technologies (formerly Aaxeon Technologies) is a developer and supplier of various products for industrial communication and device networking.

Antaira’s range covers a host of requirements, and its team develops everything from industrial wireless products and Lanolinx industrial Ethernet switches to multi-port serial cards and PCI Express cards.

For those in need of extra COM ports, Antaira is also a developer of industrial USB hubs, expansion ports and serial to USB converters.

Antaira’s products can be found in use across numerous industries. In the oil and gas industry, for example, the company’s networking equipment has allowed firms in the sector to easily handle field site equipment, such as pumping stations and pipelines. As a result, many have successfully improved asset security.

Likewise, in the transportation sector, Antaira products have provided connectivity and data management solutions to allow for fast, efficient and reliable transportation systems. Examples of areas within the transportation industry which have benefited from the company’s products include light rail, toll booths and bus depots.

As they operate in a sector which places a higher priority on secure, reliable networks than any other, energy companies – particularly those harnessing green power through solar stations and wind farms – have relied on Antaira as a developer of dependable network communication solutions for some time now.

The company lists a number of big names among its customers, including Xerox, Siemens, Pepsi, GlaxoSmithKline and Fujitsu, but its products have also made their way into various government bodies, universities across the United States and research organisations.

As it is committed to customer service, Antaira offers technical support for all of the products it provides.

Here at SDUK, we stock a range of the devices developed by Antaira Technologies. Our broad experience means we are knowledgeable in the application of its products, and can advise our clients on the solutions best suited to their needs.

  • antaira multiple virtual local area network vlan overview enabling redundant network paths using the multiple spanning tree protocol MSTP
  • antaira diagram showing how to allow multiple intelligent electronic devices to transmit data in real time over an Ethernet network
  • graphic showing antaira serial to fibre converters to extend communication distances
  • picture of managed Ethernet switch provides quality of service QoS security remote access bandwidth control and virtual lan configuration