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Data Acquisition

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Data from Industrial I/O Hardware and Software Systems!

Here at SDUK, we have a comprehensive range of HMI, SCADA and Data Acquisition solutions to meet all integration, data sharing and distribution demands.

Data Acquisition

We provide and support a versatile range of hardware devices to enable you to acquire your data from your environment.

  • Serial Protocol Converters – Enable data acquisition from legacy and disparate hardware systems and provide your data in a modern standard protocol format.
  • Media Converters – Allow connection to different data media enabling a common data backbone for communications.
    • Serial to Ethernet
    • Serial to Wi-Fi
    • Ethernet to Fibre Optic
  • Human Machine Interfaces – Allow data to be acquired from human operators as well as providing useful information to people.
    • Panel mount colour HMI’s
    • Industrial panel PC’s
    • Web enabled browser connectivity to any hardware
  • Industrially Hardened I/O Systems – Provide data to be collected from almost any digital, analogue and/or serial device.
    • Small footprint Digital and Analogue I/O modules
    • Rack mount High density I/O modules

Data Distribution and Sharing

Having acquired your data, you may need to distribute and share the information to others. Here at SDUK, we have solutions for that too!

  • OPC Data – OPC Systems.NET can be described as a complete package of .NET products for HMI, SCADA and plant to business solutions. Using various methods of connection, data can be shared with OPC Clients, OPC Servers, .NET applications and others.
  • PAC Project – PAC Project has a single tag-name database, the data created during the programming of a PAC Control strategy can then be used automatically in PAC Display.
  • SQL Databases – Using Microsoft SQL Server technology, we can collect and store the data produced before organising it so that it can be efficiently used across an entire business.
  • Web Based – Whether you need your data available in the cloud or accessible from any modern web browser, our groov server software can deliver without any programming.

As an end-to-end service provider, we can:

  • design and build an efficient database structure
  • recommend and install hardware and software that matches storage and connectivity needs
  • build user interfaces for operators to input manually-collected data
  • build interfaces to automatically collect data from any test equipment used
  • gather data collected offline from anywhere in the world and synchronise it seamlessly into your online database
  • deliver data where it is needed

At SDUK, we place a great emphasis on reliability and quality, so call us now to discover our broad hardware portfolio.

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  • graphic showing data acquisition from SQL database, Excel, OPC and .NET environments