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Lost Cost Micro, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet and Wi-Fi PLC’s

Easy Electronic Co., Ltd, or simply EEC, is one of the leading manufacturers of automation components and is recognised within the industry for the responsive and flexible nature of the services it provides.

By investing heavily in areas such as research, product quality and the development of new, innovative components, its customers include various machine and industrial equipment manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and installers.

Easy Electronics, which is based in Nanjing, China, has grown quickly since its foundation.

The automation Micro-control components EEC is able to provide range from general Micro-PLC products to those categorised as super relay and super power, as well as components with a multifunction timer or counter.

Easy Electronics aims to adapt its products to meet the specific requirements of its customers, with its range catering for applications such as heating and air conditioning, access control, air and water treatment, waste processing, pump management, medical equipment and general lifting and handling.

As it is driven by consumer satisfaction, Easy Electronics works closely with its client base to meet individual budgets and technical requirements.

Some of the company’s most popular products can be found in the xLogic SuperRelay series. These are the latest in a generation of powerful and flexible Micro-PLCs. The manufacturing process ensures they can be offered at affordable prices, and they are suitable for replacing such devices as Mini-PLCs and multiple components, like timers, counters and relays. Today, Easy Electronics xLogic SuperRelay products are considered by many to be cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive options on the market.

Easy Electronics also has the x-Messenger GSM/GPRS PLC, a telemetry solution that calls on a broad range of CPUs, software and accessories – all designed for GSM and GPRS wireless systems, which are in turn used for tasks such as diagnostics and data logging. The recent introduction of their Ethernet and Wi-Fi based low cost programmable logic controls underlines the companys’ commitment to market changes and product development!

At SDUK, we serve as a UK distributor for EEC, offering a number of its xLogic SuperRelay components at competitive prices.

  • collage of Easy Electronics xlogic super relay micro programmable logic controller range
  • Easy Electronics free programming software xlogicsoft configuration screenshot
  • image of Easy Electronics xmessenger gprs sms programmable controller exm-6dc-d-r
  • diagram showing features of Easy Electronics low cost wifi programmable logic controller