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Compact, Energy Saving and High Precision Robotics!

At SDUK, we act as distributors for some of the largest and most cutting edge companies in the field of automation and system control. One such group is EPSON Automation Robots – a branch of the Japanese Seiko Epson corporation.

Epson, already a household name to most consumers for its production of such electronic products as televisions and printers, EPSON introduced its own department specifically for the development and manufacturing of robots in 1984. Since then, EPSON Automation Robots has been the first choice for automated assistance in assembling small parts, and has pioneered several programmes in the industry as part of the process.

Products range in diversity from SCARA robotic arms, which mimic the design and behaviour of the human arm, to the 6-Axis robot, which is ideal when focusing on speed, volume and dexterity. EPSON Robots is also a specialist in PC-based controllers and image processing.

Around the manufacturing world, there are believed to be more than 18,000 EPSON robots in use, as assemblers embrace an organisation known for its emphasis on quality and innovation. EPSON gives particular attention to ease of use through its development of intuitive software and user-friendly tools, while also listening closely to customer feedback.

Also key to its position at the pinnacle of its industry is the durability of EPSON Robots. Since continuity is crucial to robotic procedures, it is worth noting that some of the machines are known to have been running for more than 15 years and are still producing excellent results.

EPSON Robots prides itself on continuing to be at the forefront of standards in its industries, and to keep pushing those standards higher and higher. Similarly, at SDUK, we are able to distribute and supply EPSON Robotic Arms so that they are received in excellent condition, ensuring that they meet the standards expected of this innovative company.

  • photograph of an Epson G6 cleanroom scara robot with bellows on z-axis
  • photograph of an Epson ProSix C3 high speed 6-axis robot in various positions
  • photograph of an automated assembly cell using Epson 6-axis robot to assemble and ultrasonic weld plastic components
  •  diagram showing examples of Epson’s robotic vision and image processing to determine component colour, orientation and part identification