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  • Modbus Protocol
    Support for Serial
    and Ethernet

  • diagram showing multiple Modbus, profibus, analogue, digital, serial and Ethernet connections to SNAP PAC IO from Opto 22

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Modbus Integration Made Easy!

Here at SDUK, the relationships we have with our partners allow us to provide a wide range of products supporting one or more of the three main Modbus protocols:

  • Modbus ASCII (Serial)
  • Modbus RTU (RS232, RS422 or RS485)
  • Modbus TCP (Ethernet – Wired or Wireless)

The areas we cover include but not exclusive to are:

  • Modbus I/O
    • Our Modbus I/O solutions range from stand alone DIN rail devices to rack mount high density and support either Modbus Slave or Modbus Master configuration for distributed and local I/O systems.
      • Low cost programmable logic controller with Modbus RTU support
      • Modbus Digital I/O for DIN rail mounting
      • Modbus Analogue I/O for DIN rail mounting
      • High Density Modbus Digital and Analogue I/O
  • Modbus Human Machine Interfaces
    • We offer a complete and competitive range of Modbus enabled colour touch screens or HMI’s.
      • HMI’s from 4.3” up to 10” colour touch screens providing Modbus communication and many other protocols for PLC systems such as Opto 22, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, WAGO, Beckoff, etc.
      • 7” and 10” colour touch screens providing low cost human machine interface for Modbus Serial and/or Ethernet systems.
  • Modbus Protocol Converters/Data Servers
    • Whether you need a device that converts Modbus Serial to Modbus TCP, we provide a diverse range of product solutions to accomplish the task.
      • RS232/RS422/RS485 to Ethernet Modbus devices
  • Modbus Concentrators
    • Our experience in Modbus communications has enabled us to provide solutions to the majority of our customer communications projects. These have range from simple Modbus mapping between two or more systems, up to solutions which provide multiple Modbus connections via serial and/or Ethernet.
      • Programmable Automation Controllers, PAC’s provide industrial Modbus communications between single or multiple systems
      • PAC’s support multiple protocols such as Ethernet/IP, DNP3, Modbus, BACNET, SNMP, SMTP and others.
  • artist illustration of Modbus communications using serial, Ethernet and fibre converters from Antaira to plc’s, Modbus rtu, hmi’s, meters and industrial sensors
  • diagram showing the use of Antaira serial to Ethernet Modbus converter for oil and gas application
  • illustration of Modbus data on a graphical human machine interface and mobile phone
  • diagram showing i2o Modbus control using Acromag input and output modules, etherstax and westermo Ethernet extender units