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Opto22 IoT Certified Partner

System Devices UK are pleased to announce their recently awarded IoT Opto 22 Certfied Partner status.

You’ve probably heard about the Internet of Things (IoT ), or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT ), also called Industry 4.0, primarily in Europe. But what is it, and how will it affect our businesses?
This primer helps you understand the IoT and the significant challenges we face to realize its benefits.

The primer defines operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), and shows how they are converging and why. It defines IoT technologies and suggests 3 steps you can take to develop an effective and profitable IoT strategy.

The next industrial revolution, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is happening now. This white paper summarizes the key IIoT trends from 2016, with predictions and recommendations for 2017 on:

– IIoT challenges still to be met
– Standards and architectures that work well for the IIoT
– Platforms to watch; their strengths and weaknesses


New SCARA T3-401S



Epson SCARA T3-401S with Controller built in


Automation solutions are becoming ever more intelligent, efficient and cheaper.
There’s no better example of this than the new Epson T-Series SCARA robot. It is the introductory model in our comprehensive SCARA product range — ideal for simple pick-and-place applications and in areas where linear systems were previously used.



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Epson N-Series



Compact like no other 6 axis robot. Maximum efficiency over the smallest footprint. Extremely manoeuvrable due to inwardly orientated second axis.

High output, low space requirement

The new Epson N series 6 axis robot can reach every point of its work cell with ease – even where it’s really cramped. The reason: a revolutionary kinematic geometry with a completely new folding arm.

The new N series covers an action field for which you would normally require a 6 axis robot with a significantly longer arm length.

Extremely manoeuvrable due to inwardly orientated second axis

A classic 6 axis robot works in an external orientation: The arm must fully extend for reorientation. This costs space and time.

In the new Epson N series, the second axis is oriented inwards, thus moving the centre of rotation downwards. This means the second axle shaft can travel through the zero position. To put it more bluntly: The second axis “hops” from one side to the other. This manoeuvrability over a very small footprint is unheard of until now, and leads to highly efficient work processes.



Weintek HMIs

A range of Low Cost, fully functional HMIs from Weintek.

The HMIs provide connectivty to a vast range of programmable logic controllers and programmable automation controllers out of the box!!!




Use your Raspberry Pi in the real world! The Digital I/O for Raspberry Pi Starter Kit gets you started sensing and switching industrial-level electrical loads with your own Raspberry Pi. Now you can monitor and control real-world devices like industrial motors, pumps, and sensors.

The system uses the same field-tested, reliable Opto 22 G4 input/output (I/O) modules that have served automation applications worldwide for nearly 40 years. Just bring your Pi and its power supply, and you’re ready to begin.

All this for only £135 + VAT!!!! (** Limited Time Offer **)



groov 2.3 – Direct communication with Modbus/TCP devices


Now you can monitor & control Modbus/TCP devices from a groov mobile interface

No OPC server needed. No protocol converters or communication interfaces required.

With groov 2.3, you can bring data from sensors, drives, meters, and thousands of other Modbus/TCP devices directly to your smartphone or tablet. groov acts as a Modbus master and communicates directly with Modbus/TCP slave devices over standard, non-proprietary Ethernet networks.

Read more info in the groov 2.3 press release.


Need Some HART in your Opto22 IO System?

HART IO from Opto22

Now you can integrate HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) smart devices such as field-mounted process transmitters and analyzers with your SNAP PAC System.


SNAP-AIMA-iHCommunicate status, diagnostics, configuration, and other information with smart devices using the SNAP-AIMA-iH input module. This module has two isolated channels of 4-20 mA analog input current. The HART protocol categorizes the SNAP-AIMA-iH as a current input connection type, which means that the module is a low impedance device.

See full description and specs for the SNAP-AIMA-iH.

HART is the most widely used digital communications protocol in process automation. Now you can communicate with HART current loop devices and use their data to increase uptime, improve productivity, and enhance safety.

Communicate with smart HART devices using the SNAP-AOA-23-iH output module, with its two isolated chSNAP-AOA-23-iHannels of 4-20 mA analog output current. The HART protocol categorizes the SNAP-AOA-23-iH as a current output device, which means that each channel controls the loop current and is a high impedance device.

See full description and specs for the SNAP-AOA-23-iH.



Rugged Industrial HMI’s

HMI5000L&XLGroupsHMI5000 Series Graphic HMI

Simple, rugged, and affordable, our touchscreen operator interfaces range in size from 4.3″ to 15″. Advantages include enhanced graphics and text, easy-to-use configuration software, remote monitoring and control, support for two hundred controllers and  technical support.

These advanced  models have faster processors, alarm, e-mailing, support for video and aluminum enclosures. No matter the application, we have an HMI solution to meet your needs.


Introducing groov

groov can get your automation system data to your mobile device in just 5 minutes. Download groov now and see for yourself!
Get started with your free trial now! 

groov  free trial

groov free trial now available

what is groov?

  • A mobile app?
  • A Web app?
  • An HMI?
  • An operator interface?
  • A development tool?
  • An appliance?
  • A web server?
  • A revolutionary change of epic proportions in web and mobile apps?



groov is a package for building and using operator interfaces—HMIs—to monitor and control your automation system. Or anything else.

groov includes everything you need to build your interface and run it on any browser, any device, any screen size, from anywhere.

And it’s awesomely easy to use. No coding. No programming.