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Solid State Relays to Programmable Automation Controllers!

Based in California, Opto 22 has been pushing the boundaries of data automation and its relevant hardware and software since its formation in 1974. Though initially set up to manufacture solid-state relays, it has since branched out to become a world leader in creating platforms to link devices with computers and digital networks. Founded by engineers, it still makes sure today that experts in the field are at the pulse of all levels of the enterprise.

Its headquarters are very much at the sharp end of its output, with all Opto 22 products being manufactured and tested in California. Together with its focus on keeping procedures based in America, the company also strives to have simplicity at the heart of its operations, believing that automation should not be a frustrating experience and that more projects will be implemented if procedures remain straightforward.

Opto 22 has played its role in promoting and developing industry standards over the years, and the colour coding input/output (I/O) scheme it developed in 1978 remains today’s standard. The protocol Optomux was introduced four years later and was a key player as personal computers began to make their way into homes and offices throughout the Western world. Based around ASCII, Optomux is still a standard protocol today.

As the Internet and advanced telecommunications took their effect on the 1990s, two Opto 22 initiatives demonstrated how the company was prepared for the upcoming digital era – namely the OPC task force and the first Ethernet-based I/O unit on the commercial market. In today’s world, Opto 22 is perhaps best known for ‘SNAP’, its brand of I/O products designed for data acquisition and facilitating automation right from point of purchase to implementation.

SDUK is Opto 22’s only authorised UK and Eire distributor, allowing the best of American automation to be accessed by Britain’s businesses and data managing organisations.

  • graphic showing the three different methods of running your PAC Control programs, standalone, rack mounted or PC based
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  • energy monitoring unit emu collage from opto22 with Ethernet and wifi connectivity providing real time energy monitoring and control
  • opto 22 snap pac Ethernet and wifi controller collage from the standalone series of automation controllers