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Epson Robotic Arms

The SCARA Robot (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) has a design that is similar to the human arm. At the end of the arm is a rotating Z-axis carriage, which rotates independently of its perpendicular movement (U-axis).

This robot type was especially developed for pick-and-place applications and has a defined flexibility in the XY direction when a transverse force is applied.

This designed-in property, which is not controlled by other manufacturers, clearly separates SCARA from other kinematics devices.

SCARAs are optimised for use in assembly and handling due to their design principles and as such are often referred to as “assembly robots” or as “horizontal articulated arm robots”.



The EPSON Pro Six family of 6-axis robots provide superior performance along with our industry leading controllers. Whether you are looking for high speed, low vibration, higher payloads, more reach, or robots for special environment use, EPSON has the Pro Six model to fit your application requirements. The rigid arm designs combined with advanced EPSON servo control technology results in high speed motion and low vibration even when high precision high speed cycles are required. All Pro Six 6-Axis robots feature brakes on all axes and most models have the flexibility of being mounted in table top, wall or ceiling configurations.

The EPSON Pro Six 6-axis robots use the same industry leading EPSON RC620+ PC or stand alone RC700-A controller for the copmplete Epson robotic range, allowing customers to take advantage of one control solution for their entire factory. Plus, EPSON RC+ is extremely easy to learn and use due to the intuitive design and multitude of time saving features and capabilities. The power and flexibility of the EPSON robot controller also reduces workcell integration by providing all the functionality normally required for a typical robot workcell in one compact package.

EPSON Pro Six Robots are ideal for applications where 6 axis dexterity is required such as: small parts assembly, dispensing, lab automation, machine tending, material handling, medical device manufacturing, packaging, food handling and many other applications requiring speed, precision and/or smooth motion.


Choice of two control systems
Whether one control per robot or up to three machines per control – whether for driving SCARAs or linear-axis modules: The choice is yours.

Whether one control per robot or up to three machines per control – whether for driving SCARAs or linear-axis modules: The choice is yours.

Both control options operate on trend-setting PC basis. Ready to install and connect in compact, closed 19″ industrial inserts, they are fast, inexpensive, space-saving and can be integrated into any system.

In both devices, there are useful and versatile options, e.g. Vision Guide image processing, Force Sensing, which are hardware and software compatible. In addition, field bus systems can also be integrated and a software API to .Net products can be created.

The controls conform to the relevant CE guidelines and reduce the torque forces in the “teach-in” phase so that the systems are safe and easy to set up. In normal operation, special software continuously monitors all safety-related functions of the robot system.

Furthermore, in addition to the emergency stop circuit, there is also the option for installing safety barriers and door contacts in the system. No matter which EPSON robot or which control system you select, solutions to even the most highly-demanding tasks can be quickly and simply realised, in all cases. Our field-operations personnel will also be pleased to offer on-site advice on this subject.


Image Processing

Like modern robots, machine vision is a technology that has also benefited greatly by the advances in computer hardware and software. Linking robots and vision systems together, gives users the ability to inspect a workpiece and guide the robot based on the machine vision feedback. Rather than re-inventing existing technology, EPSON’s philosophy is to make use of “Best in Class” automation solutions. Our challenge is then to integrate them with our robots in a seamless and easy to use fashion. Vision Guide 7.0 is EPSON’s state-of-the-art solution for robot guidance and inspection.

Vision Guide 7.0 using Drag and Drop Tools provides a powerful, usable and extremely flexible environment.


Servo Axis

The linear system is suitable for virtually all application areas. This is tantamount to the immediate conversion of a coordinate system into a manipulator. It is also suitable for handling enormous loads thanks to its relatively simple construction. You will find linear modules being used in virtually all industrial sectors – its application area ranges from simple “Pick-and-Pack” jobs right up to more complex assembly tasks.

EPSON can supply you with an individual module from their range that can be integrated into a suitable system. The EPSON EZ module, literally modular!


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