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Finding the Right Solid State Relay

Solid State RelaysChoosing a suitable solid state relay (SSR) for your systems is very much like finding the final piece of the jigsaw. These tiny devices can make a big impression on your systems.

However, which one do you need? There are so many to choose from with different specifications. Perhaps the best way to describe this is by asking a few simple questions.


Is It Maximum Relay Density that You Need?

If the answer to this is yes then the Opto22 MP Series with DC Control should suit your needs. This model is designed with a minimum footprint which allows for the maximum relay density.


Do You Need Your Solid State Relay to be Subtle?

If this is the case the Opto22 P Series model is ideal because it provides a low-profile for 0.5-inch (12.7mm) centre mounting. These are ideal for complex printed circuit boards.


Do You Require a High Powered Solid State Relay?

The Opto22 Power Series can cater to all high powered needs with both a DC and AC Series available to choose from. With a wide variety of voltage (110–575 volts) and current options (3–45 amps) they come with a high PRV rating.

Where they differ is in the DC Series’ ability to deliver isolated DC control, used by large OEMs globally and the AC Power Series’ built-in snubber and zero voltage turn on. This latter option provides self protection for noisy electrical environments.


Are Low Costs and High Performance Key to Your Systems?

If the answer to this final question is yes then the Opto 22 Z Series might be the perfect solution. Its unique heat transfer system delivers a low cost, 10-amp solid state relay conveniently packaged in an all-plastic case. It is an ideal solid state relay for OEM applications.


Do You Value a Lifetime Warranty?

All Opto22 Solid State Relays come with a lifetime warranty. This gives you piece of mind that you are investing in a high quality product with quality that is guaranteed for life.

By asking yourself these simple questions, you could find the right solid state relay for your systems and fit the final piece of the jigsaw together.

Click here to find out more about the Opto22 Solid State Relays and how they could benefit your company.

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