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With there being a choice between PLC (programmable logic controller) and PAC (programmable automation controller) control systems, it is common for some people to get confused between the two. Common questions revolve around, which is best, which works with a particular job and how are they different?

In fact, such are the similarities between both control systems in terms of what they do, many people make the assumption that they just do the same job. Such an assumption gives an unfair reflection on the advanced features of the PAC control system like the Opto22 product.

However, this isn’t to say that the PLC system should be overlooked; the key is assessing the kind of job before deciding which system to choose.

How is the Opto22 PAC System Different?

The headline feature that sets the Opto22 PAC system apart from PLC’s is its ability to multitask using multiple threads as opposed to the single program path of the PLC.

A PAC control system such as the Opto22 will allow straightforward management of numerous applications making operation and maintenance easier.

This has made PAC’s more suitable for larger jobs that require advanced control algorithms, extensive database manipulation, HMI functionality in one platform and integrated custom control routines.

There is a speed element as well with PAC’s considered quicker than their PLC counterparts.

A Time and a Place for PLC Control Systems

Whilst both control systems have similarities, the advanced features of the PAC Opto22 system ensure that they can deal with most jobs, regardless of size.

It is important to note that, in some cases a PLC might actually do a better job than a PAC. Instances such as stand-alone applications, “where sequence and simple on/off control is all that is needed, are probably more suited to a PLC system.

Find out more about the Opto22 PAC control system now and how it could benefit your company.

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