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Energy Monitoring

In these modern times of cost-cutting and energy efficiency, keeping an eye on the amount of energy you use is becoming more important.

Yet, energy monitoring in itself shouldn’t be considered an additional chore, required for the smooth running of a business. Using an energy monitoring unit like the OptoEMU Sensor can provide you with accurate readings about energy consumption and turn data into action. What’s more these can be added to existing networks and devices.

The success of the OptoEMU Sensor can be measured in three simple steps: capture energy data, access data easily and turn data into action.

OptoEMU Sensor

OptoEMU Sensor

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Energy Monitoring Brochure

Step One: Capture Energy Data

The OptoEMU Sensor can monitor a number of different devices like utility meters, electrical panels and machines and it does so using two different approaches.

Pulse monitoring allows the Sensor to check up to four electrical devices that emit a pulse. Additionally, the direct monitoring, which uses current transformers (CTs), taps into a building’s main power load panel, sub panels or electrical devices to record information. These two techniques are done simultaneously.

Both of these options create a successful capture of load information as well as historical and real-time data for energy monitoring. Gathering this information is done easily and conveniently as we’ll find out in step two.

Step Two: Easy Access to Energy Monitoring Data

One of the main features of these OptoEMU Sensors is the flexibility they afford the user. The energy monitoring data gathered allows access from a number of mediums. This could be mobile devices, via internet web browsers or through a PAC system.

It essentially allows you to receive the data or access it wherever, whenever. This enables you to make the most of the third step easily.

Step Three: Turn Data into Action

Because you can access your energy monitoring data from anywhere with the OptoEMU Sensor, you can make informed, immediate decisions on how to reduce or manage your energy usage.

The data should give you sufficient insight into energy usage both in real-time and historically (as mentioned in step one) to give you the information needed to take action.

Find out more about the OptoEMU Sensor and how it could benefit your company.

Energy Monitoring Brochure

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