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Robotic Arms

Modern day robots are having a major impact on all kinds of different industries. Their advanced intelligence and capabilities are ensuring products are better and more efficiently produced.

Their increasing importance and use has seen more variations designed, often with a specific job in mind. As a result certain robotic arms are better equipped to perform certain tasks. EPSON has a number of high performance robotic arms equipped with the relevant industrial automation.

So which of the EPSON robotic arms are best suited to certain jobs?

Assembly and Handling Jobs

The most common jobs that robotic arms are used for is assembly. This is why the EPSON SCARA robot (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) is such a common choice; so common in fact that it is often referred to as the “assembly robot”.

It is considered one of the best at what it does with the defined flexibility provided in the XY direction, when a transverse force is applied, helping to set it apart from similar models.

Delicate Handling Jobs

The EPSON Pro Six family of 6-axis robotic arms have been designed to allow a more intricate and delicate approach to assembly.

The real benefit to any of the 6-axis robotic arms is the speed and accuracy they afford to any job. When dealing with a high volume of smaller, delicate products, these robotic arms are perfect to ensure that the process runs smoothly. This has, on many occasions, made them the robotic arm of choice when dealing with food and medical products.

High Load ‘Pick-and-Pack’ Jobs

When dealing with enormous loads, having a simple yet effective robotic arm can save a lot of time. The EPSON Servo Axis is one of the most simplistic devices but, when it comes to larger jobs, perfect for managing the load.

This has made it a choice robotic arm for ‘pick-and-pack’ jobs as well as large assembly tasks.

Right now, anyone wanting to try out an EPSON robotic arm can benefit from a free trial of their RC+ Simulator software for up to one hour of continuous use; a great way to find out if it works for you.

Find out more about the EPSON robotic arms now and how they could benefit your company.

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