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Some of our more popular devices in this category include PAC Controllers, WattNodes, CTs and several wired or wireless OptoEMU variants.

The products we have available cover a range of areas – everything from Opto22 Power Monitoring Modules to various communication devices used in energy applications.

Energy management product suppliers At present, we work with two key suppliers of energy management products.

Opto22’s core offering is its OptoEMU energy monitoring range, configurable devices that can be used with either pulse based meters or CTs. Using Modbus, it can also be interfaced with other power monitoring products.

Products on the OptoEMU range come in three unit types: SNR-3V, SNR-DR1 and SNR-DR2. Users have the option of choosing between three modules that can be installed on a PAC rack with an energy monitoring interface; there is the single-phase variant of the SNAP-AIPM, but it’s also available as three-phase and three-phase 0.333v.

Continental Control Systems, on the other hand, provides CTs and WattNodes, which are similar to the Opto22 products except for the fact they use Modbus. For many, Continental Control Systems’ WattNodes are seen as a sensible option – especially if an installation is remote rather than concentrated.

Customer success

Longcliffe Quarries Ltd, based in Matlock, Derbyshire, has benefitted from the use of Modbus technology. An energy management application at the site utilises a SNAP-PAC-S1, which is linked to various energy meters through an Aexeon STM media converter.

Similarly, the Wiltshire-based Edington Farm Shop’s application has an OptoEMU energy monitoring sensor that uses RS485 to link to seven WattNodes, which each have different CTs to cater for the individual requirements of each area.

Call SDUK today for access to a range of energy monitoring solutions. We also have a team of specialists on hand to provide expertise on the products we offer.

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