2 million views and counting

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Opto 22’s YouTube channel is growing with more videos and subscribers.

What started several years ago as a platform to host a few Opto 22 product videos has now reached a new milestone. The Opto 22 YouTube channel recently reached 2 million views and is closing in on 20,000 subscribers.

Whether you’re new to the industrial automation industry, or are looking for specific developer tips on using MQTT or Node-RED, the OptoVideo channel is your one stop for all things automation and digital transformation. 

Celebrate with us with a quick video montage reminding you of what you can find on OptoVideo.

[embedded content]

Visit the OptoVideo YouTube channel where you can learn from videos covering: 

We hope you learn a lot and continue to watch. Join the list of growing subscribers so you don’t miss a minute of new content. We are adding more videos each month! Thanks for watching!

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