How to use the Node-RED package for groov View

Darran News

Follow this new video to create Node-RED flows that interact with groov EPIC’s embedded HMI server.

Thanks to all your positive feedback, Terry Orchard is continuing with his video series for groov EPIC and RIO users in the developer community.

Next up: How to use the Node-RED package for groov View.

In this video, Terry demonstrates how to read and write different types of groov View gadgets from Node-RED. The result is a nice generic flow that can be used for various types of applications.

This 15 minute video is broken down into chapters for easy viewing and rewatching specific topics:

00:00 – Introduction

00:16 – Installation

01:50 – Overview

03:15 – Setting the API key

04:09 – groov View configuration

07:00 – Node-RED configuration

08:09 – Reading data into a flow

09:15 – Writing data from a flow

10:24 – Other data type examples

14:45 – Final tips and conclusion

You can continue learning more about Node-RED through the OptoForums and on the Opto 22 developer site.

Stay tuned to the OptoBlog for more of Terry’s tutorial videos coming soon! 

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