Learn how to log I/O data to text file in Node-RED

Darran News

New video released this week shows you how to turn groov RIO into a continuous datalogger

Another week means another video to add to your collection of Node-RED tools and technical tips. Last week our developer video host, Terry Orchard, demonstrated how to create Node-RED flows that interact with groov EPIC’s embedded HMI server in “How to use the Node-RED package for groov View”. This week, Terry is back in the studio with the groov RIO edge I/O module showing us how to save I/O data to a flat file.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions for building a simple flow using groov I/O nodes to capture temperature data from groov RIO, log it to a text file, then store it to the internal fault-tolerant file system. The same method will work for other I/O types that groov RIO and EPIC support.


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