Your guide to networking groov products

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Updated technical guide provides instructions for setting up communications between your Opto 22 groov products and your systems and equipment.

Guide to Networking groov ProductsAre you using one or more of Opto 22’s groov products? Our documentation team has just updated the “Guide to Networking groov Products” to help you securely monitor, control, and move data between your automation equipment and computer networks, including the internet. 

Networking can be a complex subject, and connecting both operation technology (OT) and information technology (IT) can bring up some security concerns. We’re here to simplify that process.

groov EPIC and groov RIO
The guidebook covers the entire groov product family which includes:

You’ll learn how to communicate with groov products using wired and wireless Ethernet networks. The content is organized into four sections:

  • Networking basics
  • Communication within your facility
  • Communication over the internet
  • Glossary and resources

Example scenarios using Node-RED, groov View, MQTT and Ignition Edge are discussed. Detailed comparisons between request-response and pub-sub architectures are presented as well.

The guide also contains important information on IP addresses, gateway routers, VPNs and port forwarding.


Get all your networking questions answered! If you have additional questions, our engineers are here to help.
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