Epson Robots for UK and Northern Ireland

Compact, Energy Saving and High Precision Robotics!

At SDUK, we provide the full range of Epson SCARA robots to UK and Northern Ireland.


With more than 300 models available – including a ‘Light’ version, Epson SCARAs come with arm-length options from 175-1,000mm and handle payloads up to 20kg.


The Epson 6-Axis robot products are ideal for complex processes in confined environments – they are particularly useful for industrial applications requiring flexibility and reliability.


Due to its unique construction, the Epson Spider robot is not only extremely compact; it also uses the maximum working range of its arm lengths without the normal dead zone of the SCARA robot design.


The compact RC620 is ideal as a central controller for several robots in one cell, due to its open system design. It smoothly integrates into existing production processes and easily combines with individual expansion cards and software.

The versatile RC700-A recently launched with the introduction of the G-series SCARA and C4/C4L 6-axis robot can be used as either as standalone or in a multi-robot configuration. Its open system architecture allows for the connection of conventional field bus systems and other peripheral devices such as vision and/or conveyor tracking.

The Epson RC90 controller can be considered a powerful yet affordable tool used for the Epson LS-Series SCARA robots. Like other controllers, the Epson RC90 offers great usability – but at a reduced price.


Epson’s PC-based Vision Guide solutions have a variety of hardware configurations, giving users a range of tools to meet their requirements. With support for up to 16 monochrome cameras, we have the right solution for any application. For the RC90 and 700-A standalone/slave controllers, the CV1 and CV2 Vision Systems have a similar range of vision tools as the PC-based version, PC1.

Epson has options supporting both sensor and vision-based conveyor tracking, and its Vision Guide simplifies the process.

Our extensive range means we’re sure to have hardware to suit your business requirements. Contact SDUK today and speak to one of our specialists.

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